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Phil Mollon Ph.D. DCEP

developer of

Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy [PEP]

and Blue Diamond Healing

Breathing exercise -

to correct energetic reversals, disorganisation, and non-polarisation

(also known as 'switching')

This (or similar method) can be essential if a person's energy system is not correctly polarised and organised - as indicated, for example, by the palm over head test. In such instances, the person's system will not benefit from an energy modality. 

The following procedure is derived from the collar bone breathing exercise originally developed by Dr Roger Callahan. I discovered that this variant works well one day when I mistakenly carried out the Callahan method incorrectly, yet found it had cleared the person's switched energetic state. It is simple. quite rapid, and relaxing as well as effective. In addition to its energetic properties, it can also help to correct tendencies to hyperventilate.

Cross the palms over the upper chest, with finger tips resting on the ends of the collar bones under the throat.

Carry out the following breathing sequence:
  • Breathe in all the way - hold for 5 seconds
  • Breathe out half way - hold for 5 seconds
  • Breathe out all the way - hold for 5 seconds
  • Breathe in half way - hold for 5 seconds
  • Breathe normally.

Then, with your hands still crossed, turn your fingers into knuckles - so that the back of your fingers are against the collar bones.

Then repeat the above breathing sequence.

That's it !