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Phil Mollon Ph.D. DCEP

developer of

Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy [PEP]

and Blue Diamond Healing

When requested, I offer trainings in PEP, based on a series of modules, tailored to practitioners' experience. This is suitable only for those who already have substantial clinical experience in working psychotherapeutically.

For the original basic module 1 manual in PEP, click here. My work has moved on considerably since I wrote this some years back, so it is not representative of current teaching in workshops. In particular, I give considerable emphasis now to testing and clearing dysfunctional patterns at multiple levels of the mind-body-energy system, as well as 'allowing the meridians to speak', and a variety of transpersonal phenomena.

For Barbara Stone's muscle testing YouTube videos, click here

For a general background in comprehensive energy psychology, the training material available from Dr

David Feinstein's 'InnerSource' is recommended [click]. This includes a book and DVD. It forms part of the material used in the Certification Program of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology [ACEP].

For training in PEP, my book Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy is essential reading.